Monday, 14 April 2014


Willie Drennan – for Issue 13 of The Ulster Folk

During Valentine’s week an adapted stage performance of Noel Coward’s romantic classic, Brief Encounter, was just the thing: the intimate setting of a packed Baby Grand Studio at Belfast’s Opera House, the very spot.

The stage setting, the lighting, the sound effects and subtle screened images provided the ideal ambience to lure you in the mood. The audience was easily transported from train station to picture house to living room.
The setting is 1940’s Britain; the story is of romance and of course all that goes with it. In this case Laura and Alex are both happily married until a brief encounter leads to the chemistry thing: inevitable heartbreak all round.
This is the style and time-period that Wireless Mystery Theatre loves to portray: it is their forte and they clearly have it down to a fine art. Perhaps this particular play didn’t allow them to capitalise fully on of their musical talents that they are so well known for, but this did not take away from their excellent delivery of the job at hand. The audience clearly loved the experience. A credit to director Aislinn Clark and the playing of Laura by Mary Lindsay was particularly strong and convincing.

Wireless Mystery Theatre as featured on BBC, RTE, and across the world: from Belfast to Nova Scotia, is a live music theatre company specialising in vintage-themed performance.
A unique company who create and perform for both corporate and bespoke private events: their speciality being in the creation and performance of live advertisement, in the 1940’s radio jingle style.  

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