Thursday, 26 June 2014

Savile Saga Rumbles on - But not yet in Northern Ireland.

By  Willie Drennan for Issue 12
He wined and dined with the head folks in BBC, police, politicians, government agents, Roman Catholic Church (he was even blessed by the Pope), Royal Family, IRA, other big celebrities and business tycoons. I know I’m forgetting somebody.  Many are the wild conspiracy theories, and what can you expect with such a massive cover-up as is now being gradually exposed? The scale of the whole saga and the scale of the cover-up are truly disturbing.
What is also disturbing though: why no word yet on what he got up to in Northern Ireland? He spent a fair bit of time over here and followed the same movement patterns as he did in the rest of the UK. So what does it say about BBC and the authorities here? Did he take a break from his addiction while in Northern Ireland? If so, why? What’s so different about here?
If he did not take a break from his addiction while he was in Northern Ireland: why no exposure of his escapades, his abuse of children here? What’s so different about here? More to the point, why is no one in Northern Ireland’s media demanding answers to these questions?

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