Thursday, 26 June 2014

The Fest at Raceview Mill

The Ulster Folk will be one of the proud sponsors of The Fest at Raceview Mill. This new festival will celebrate the launch of Roy McKeown’s inspiring vision for the Old Raceview Woolen Mill in Broughshane. We are excited about this festival that will have something on offer for a diverse range of people. There will be tasteful crafted foods and beers, artwork, linen clothing and a range of music and entertainment that will appeal to those urbanite artsy new-agers who would not want to go near yet another traditional country fair. Yet, local Ulster-Scots style folk music, on everything from fiddles to Lambegs will celebrate the rich heritage of Broughshane and County Antrim. The Fest will consciously support the local economy by showcasing local food and drink producers, artists, artisans and musicians. It will promote awareness of local independent sustainable enterprise: pay tribute to the innovation and work ethic of those from days of yore while heralding the dawning of an exciting new entrepreneurial age. Yes there is a new age, set to blossom soon at Raceview Mill. This is why The Ulster Folk is on board.

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