Thursday, 10 May 2018

The Liberal Politics of Adolf H....r

I highly recommend you buy a copy of this new book by John King before it goes underground.

For fear of getting arrested for aiding and abetting a book entitled 'The Liberal Politics of Adolf Hitler' I have deliberately not used Hitler's full name in the title of my little piece. I would like to fend off the thought police for as long as I can. I am only a third of the way into this book and Adolf H....r and the N...s barely get a mention. It doesn't seem to be really about the Austrian and his cult followers at all. And that is a relief, as only recently a Scottish comedian was prosecuted for making fun of such types.

In this Orwellian novel King imagines the UK and the United States of Europe (USE) in the future. The USE has become a totalitarian dictatorship where 'power is fully centralised' and its citizens have absolute obedience and devotion to this almighty establishment. A system of dependency has been manipulated and molded into perfection.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

On The Road To Freedom Now

A song by Willie Drennan
Painting by Caroline

To find the road to freedom you take the trail
Where some folks weep and some folks wail
Then take the long winding lane
To feel the wrath and feel the pain.
All roads to freedom are not the same
You might cross Sorrow you might catch Blame
But once you make it round the final bend
It’s all the same freedom in the end.

But what exactly is freedom? Freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of choice? Freedom to vote for and against those who determine our laws? Or, perhaps just the freedom to function within the confines of a comfort zone?