Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Northern Ireland. EU Withdrawal.

 Northern Ireland's new flag dispute.

I voted Leave and feel passionately about democracy. This Draft Withdrawal Agreement has shattered my belief system and my normal composure.

I very rarely get angry but I am becoming prone to bouts of anger these days. I'm not angry with people who disagree me. I'm angry at the deceit of the EU/UK/ ROI Establishment. It has become the one and the same establishment. I have been trying really hard not to get angry with people who have been angry with me as a result of my beliefs and viewpoints. I'm struggling a bit though.

We are currently at a pivotal moment in the political history of the UK and Ireland. The anger of some Remain voters since the EU Referendum is now spreading rapidly among the majority of Leave voters. The only way out of this without losing friends is to express our differing views in respectful and rational debate. Sitting on the fence or burying our heads in the sand will not help in anyway.

Here are some facts and opinions: opinions that I believe can be supported by facts. I would like those who have conflicting opinions to mine to give consideration.

Sunday, 11 November 2018


Poppy display from Ulster Museum Exhibition 2017.

By Willie Drennan

This Remembrance Day has an added significance as this year is also the centenary commemoration of the ending of World War One. We can only try to imagine the overwhelming collective sense of sheer relief across Britain and Ireland when the end of that horrendous war was announced.

For many of today's younger generation it has to be even more difficult to understand the collective grief and trauma that afflicted so many families at that time. A century ago was a long time ago.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Is Democracy Endangered? Why I voted Leave.

Is the centre of British democracy endangered? 

By Willie Drennan

Every day, it seems, EU devotees spread their mantra that Leave voters are all thick, under-educated, narrow-minded simpletons who were tricked into voting Leave by manipulative exterior forces.

On the contrary, I reckon the majority of us voted the way we did because we are capable of independent thought and judgement. We did not vote because of any political party, guru, writings on a bus, or campaign group. We voted the way we did in spite of a massive Establishment campaign to keep us all in subservience to an undemocratic System.

Prior to the EU Referendum in June I posted a blog 
explaining why I planned to vote leave. It was perhaps a bit too heavy on detail so here is a summary of my reasons.