Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Willie Drennan.Band: Wired Up Again. Official Press Release.


A fusion of Ulster folk and bluesy rock.

A collaboration between Willie Drennan and rock guitarist David McClean.

                                Album trailer. Filmed and produced by David McClean.

Wired Up Again is in a music category of its very own. It is not Folk, Trad, Blues, Rock, or Country Rock. There are traces of all of the above and yet it is something else. This has its pros and cons: a good thing or a bad thing depending on your point of view. 

What box does it fit into?   If anyone can find a suitable box do let us know. We might be able to get some radio airplay. Only joking. No mainstream radio station will know what to do with this.

McClean and Drennan

List of tracks:

1/Sour Hill RocknRoll

2/ Boom Boom Baby

3/ Oh Dearie Me

4/ Over The Hills and Far Away

5/ Road TO Freedom

6/ No Whiskey In The Jar

7/ My Heart

8/ Lambeg Boogie

9/ Til The Cows Come Home

10/ Different Road

11/ Folkybilly RocknRoll

12/ Rockin Roarin Bagpipes/Black Bear.

All songs are originals: written by McClean or Drennan with the exception of track 7. My Heart was written and sung by Derek Montgomery and is definitely in a whole other category of its very own.

The airs of tracks 6 and 12 are traditional, although you'll not have heard anything quite like this arrangement of the Black Bear anywhere else.

Lots of normal music instruments on this album. But do expect the unusual: such as musical saw and Lambeg drum.

All material arranged by Drennan/McClean

Recorded, mastered and produced in The Doghouse Studios by David McClean.

Co-produced by Willie Drennan

Other musicians involved in this production are:      Davy Angus,     John Trotter,       Derek Montgomery,       Jim Cuthbertson,       James Christie,      Ian Burrows,     Judith Knipe,     Cherith Knipe,      Caroline Drennan,         Diane Wilson.

Cover artwork by Caroline Drennan.

Why Press Release?

Up to March 2020 I regularly sold CD's, books and DVD's at live concerts.

All live concerts have been banned.

Independent freelance musicians no longer get radio airplay on mainstream media: not since the days of the legendary Gerry Anderson.

Gerry Anderson: the last supporter of independent music on BBC.

So, the only way to let folk know of my new product is through word of mouth and online social media: for now.

And through some newspapers perhaps??

Once upon a time, back in the good old days, newspapers would have had reviewers who would review new releases of albums and books, of even independent grassroots material. Gone are those days.

When is the Official Willie Drennan Band: Wired Up Again Launch??

Good question.

Where can Wired Up Again be purchased?

Best to purchase via

Digital downloads for your playlists are also available on Click Download MP3's on top panel.

Or paste this link: 

Or download via the usual commercial sources.

It is also available in the following independent shops: Belfast Books, York Road Belfast; Midtown Makers,  Church Street Ballymena and Camerons, Broughshane Street Ballymena. 

That's when they are open. When they are allowed to open again, get there early to avoid the queues.

Further Reading.

For lyrics and details of the 12 tracks go to and click on Wired Up Again on top panel. Or copy and paste this link below.

Selection of comments so far.

Reg C: “You might be the Wired Up Band to some but you are all wired up to the right terminals. Keep 'er lit.” Reg Crozier.

“The album begins with,’Folkybilly Rocknroll’ which is akin to supercharged folk music as in harpist meets punk bluegrass with an overlay of Slade for good measure.

Much of the music here is a melange of rock and folk but interestingly the rock input veers towards 1970’s Britpop.

So I hear echoes of the influences on people of a certain age ,of which I am one and I suspect so also is Willie, bands such as T-Rex to give just one example .

An exception to that homegrown fusion however is,’Boom Boom Baby’ which has echoes of Mississippi Delta blues and the energy of Elvis when he was still known as ,‘ The Hillbilly Cat’.

Overall the result is a successful fusion of sound that is personal and regional and ultimately universal.” Alister J McReynolds August 2020.

Like naethin ava A iver lissent ae afore”. Tam Mawhirter

Other News.

Wullie Drennan In Lockdown 2020: Wee Book/ Big CD Booklet.

 With 24 track CD disc included.

For details see

Also read more about Wullie Drennan in Lockdown 2020  in The Ulster Folk


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