Friday, 17 December 2021

New Year's Eve Gig Cancellation.



It is with deep regret that I have to pull out of the gig on New Years Eve in the Atlantic Bar, Portrush. Myself and the band members were very much looking forward to this gig as we love this wonderful North Coast music venue.

The reason is due to the Vaccine Certification that has been imposed by our Stormont Assembly. This means that some of those who would have liked to attend cannot do so as they are strongly opposed to this government mandate. I am also opposed to this mandate and it would have been totally unfair to have discriminated against a section of our friends and fellow citizens because of their beliefs.

I had a long chat with Steven Ross, owner of the Atlantic Bar today. I have the greatest respect for Steven's position as he has been coerced into an impossible situation by Stormont. Likewise Steven fully understands my position.

Apologies once again to those who were looking forward to this event. I look forward to performing at the Atlantic Bar once again when some sort of normality and common sense returns to Northern Ireland.

While most people seemed to understand why I had to pull out of the gig, some don't get it.. Some musicians say they have been playing down south for months with no problems. In reality though they will only have been playing for the certified and the compliant..

This is not the same as loyalist and republican venues, or gay and straight venues not wanting the other lot about their place - because the other lot don't want to be about their place anyway. This is different because it is about government dictating that you cannot enter certain venues unless you comply with their mandates.

A few folk have said, “sure all you have to do is get a lateral flow test.” And, “ sure the digitally savvy can manipulate the lateral flow tests to get the result they want anyway. So what's the problem”?

The problem is that the more people comply, the more mandates will be imposed. In some jurisdictions proof of a negative test is no longer an option anyway, and that will soon be the case in Northern Ireland as well.

The next big mandate will be for NHS workers to show proof of vaccination or else they will lose their jobs. That will then lead to all workers in all service industries being faced with ' No Jab, No Job situations.

Some have said that my action is punishing small music venues like the Atlantic Bar. I don't see it that way - the last thing I would want to do is punish a small independent music venue, especially the Atlantic Bar. It is clear to me that governments simply want to shut down small independent enterprise in favour of large corporations.

The small venues like the Atlantic Bar are caught between a rock and a hard place. If they close down temporally there is a chance they might not be able to open again. If they stay open and don't comply with all the discriminatory mandates, they could receive massive fines and eventually be shut down anyway.

In the Arts, large constituted concert venues and performing arts organisations get core government funding plus project funding. They are buffered and will survive just fine - as long as they keep doing what they are told. Small independent venues and freelance musicians don't have that buffer.

It is my opinion, and my belief, that the only way freelancers and independents will be able to overcome and survive the diktats, is if there is mass non-compliance and concerted pressure placed upon our elected representatives to stop this segregation and interference into basic rights and freedom of choice.

Saturday, 27 November 2021

Patterns of History in the Present Day


                                          Hitler and friends.  Germany 1933.

The patterns of life are recurrent and only vary to adapt to the evolution of humankind. Occasionally the patterns have been so horrendous that when they have run their course there is a belief that those patterns could never be repeated. But they always are.

People who compare behaviour of today's global powers to the early days of Nazi Germany are regularly blasted and maligned as dangerous imbeciles by those who conform to globalism. They are chastised for comparing the genocide of Jews to present day global lockdowns and digital ID systems. But I don't see anyone making that exact comparison.

What they do compare to the present day is how Hitler's Nazi Germany developed: the origins, from the moment WW1 ended in 1918, and how it slowly but surely evolved during the 1920's and 30's. 

In my younger years I travelled and worked in different countries for several years. I met and befriended Germans for the first time in Crete -  just 32 years after end of  World War Two.

Also shortly afterwards in Israel I met and befriended more young Germans - 32 years after the end of WW2.

I spent two winters living and working on two different Kibbutz where there were many young volunteers from UK, across Europe and actually from right across the world. I lived there for 11 or 12 months in total. I befriended many young Israeli Jews at that time also.

 I met and befriended young people from several countries across the world at that time. But I'm highlighting the Germans and the Israeli Jews because this was at a time when it was considered prudent to not mention the war.

The first Kibbutz I was on, Tel Yosef, had many elderly people who were Holocaust survivors. The mental scars of their personal traumatic experience and first hand knowledge of horrific genocide was ingrained in many of their faces: stored forever in the essence of their being.

From their family members I heard detailed accounts of the extent of the trauma, torture and genocide . The extent of the medical experimentation was particularly harrowing to hear about and to contemplate. This is what was addressed in the Nuremberg Trials of 1946 and the subsequent Nuremberg Code.

 I hadn't previously been aware of the finer details of what actually happened in the concentration camps. It was shocking. I just couldn't understand how one group of people could possibly have carried out such atrocities to fellow men, women and children of all ages.

And after the Kibbutz experience I met and befriended more Germans which led me to spend a bit of time in Germany itself. In a charming small village in the south of Germany I had friends who's fathers and uncles fought for the Nazis in WW2. I found many of these people to be the salt of the earth. Among them were some of the warmest, generous, sensitive, intelligent and sincere people you could ever meet.

I was confused. Once again I asked myself over and over - what the hell had gone wrong before and during the war that allowed normal, decent human beings to turn into servants and supporters of evil tyrants?

The other obvious question that puzzled me for a long time, was how did so many Jews not understand what was happening until it was too late? How did it all come about?

Part of the answer seems to be that it all came about by stealth and manifested very gradually over a considerable period of time.

In conjunction with this the Nazis also used sophisticated tactics of spreading propaganda and fear, on the one hand - and rewarding and promoting the compliant and the faithful on the other. The ancient traditional tactic of divide and conquer was also a key part of the strategy.

This didn't just happen in Germany alone. All countries that the Nazis invaded had sympathisers, and devotees who were happy to carry out orders to advance the cause of the Third Reich. They even had some support in the UK, but not enough to give them confidence that they could conquer Britain. Even the fact that they had more support in Ireland, where the IRA were in active collusion with them – did not give Hitler enough confidence to land his troops in the British Isles.

The Nazis, though, were not the only tyrant authoritarians and totalitarians who had notions of world dominance during that time period. There was Stalin's Soviet Union, Chairman Mao's Communist China, and Mussolini's Fascist Italy. Mussolini was apparently trying to bring back the good old days of the Roman Empire. The rise and fall of the lot of them was all part of the same pattern. None of this happened over night. Their rise to power and dominance was slow and methodical: well planned. Their tyranny eventually collapsed of course: as will all present and future tyrannies.

Another factor was the control of information in the mid-20th century. At a time when news was not easily and quickly spread far and wide it was much easier to control and perpetuate propaganda.

We are, however, back in that place today with the global empire now having absolute control over mainstream media in all nations. It is only one type of news that gets told: the same news all across the world. The same news that is paid for by the same source. The same source of the money owns them all. Global mainstream media has fallen beyond redemption. Gossip in the pubs is now a more relevant and reliable source of information and news.

There is social media which can provide news from across the world within moments of when it happens -  but the owners of those media platforms now also restrict and control how much alternative news it allows. The same source of money owns them as well.

We need to be aware of how the patterns of history repeat over and over again. Mark Twain said that history did not repeat itself but it rhymed. True enough, as historically, tactics vary slightly in the patterns to adapt to changing times. But it's probably good to emphasise though, that when history does rhyme -  it rhymes and rhymes over and over again.

So to be in a state of denial that many countries in the world today are gradually moving towards global totalitarianism is to be in a state of denial of the patterns of history. That's how I have come to see the situation. I  understand and acknowledge that patterns in history - from ancient times to the present, is indeed a thing.

The two-tiered global society is well under way once again – this time it is happening right across the world as the non-compliant dissenting voices are identified, registered, demonised, discriminated against and systematically segregated, silenced and cancelled. Many are already forbidden to work in certain jobs, travel or enter certain premises until they can produce the global digital ID certification. We are definitely entering a time that replicates a pattern found throughout history.

It's all there in plain sight - developing within countries and communities. Nations and communities are being divided and conquered once again. As in 1930's Europe the people are not given access to the full facts. The pattern of oppression from those who seek world dominance is upon us once again. We need to be vigilant and challenge this onslaught of totalitarianism at every turn - in order that the next generations can get back to experiencing the old normal once again: as soon as possible. Previous generations did this for us.

Yes, life's historic patterns are upon us: repeating and rhyming at us once again. It does seem that the history of how Nazi Germany evolved in the1930's is repeating across the globe in this present time. It is at least rhyming with the present day. That's my opinion, and the opinion of countless others: an opinion that commentators within mainstream media are not allowed to broadcast.

 I do think it is crucial that the rest of us debate and urgently ponder this possibility. If indeed,  historic patterns of evil intent are playing out across the world right now it might be an idea to try to stop it before it evolves any further.

But what can be done?

It is all too easy and convenient for many people to have absolute belief in every piece of information that the authorities bombard them with via their TV screens. It is very easy and convenient for them to believe and accept without question - that by following orders, complying and conforming they are saving the lives of others.

It is just as easy and convenient to accept and obey now as it was back in 1930's Germany.

For the rest of us we cannot unsee what we've seen, unhear what we've heard and unlearn what we have learned.  What we can do is share what we know, what we believe, and hope more of our friends and family will pause to listen.

Tuesday, 16 November 2021

Northern Ireland Protocol and the World


The Northern Ireland Protocol is part and parcel of a wider globalist agenda to overthrow democracy and create a global empire.

The Protocol is enthusiastically supported and enabled by the same globalist leaders who control governments, global economy, information, education, healthcare and supply chains of goods and services across the globe.

The Protocol is enthusiastically supported and enabled by the same globalist billionaires who enforce global lockdowns, vaccine passports and the dividing and conquering of the people on this planet.

The Protocol is enthusiastically supported and enabled by

such globalist outfits as the Tony Blair Institute.

Pro-Protocol activists, who clearly have not read the Protocol, should try to understand that most nations - including the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland - now have EU/globalist devotees/beneficiaries within their establishments.

Pro-Protocol activists, who clearly have not read the Protocol, should try to understand that no one in Northern Ireland was allowed a vote, for or against the Protocol.

The Protocol does not allow for a referendum to overturn the Protocol.

Pro-Protocol activists, who clearly have not read the Protocol, should try to understand that if the Protocol was binned by the UK Government and a true Brexit implemented there would be opportunity for a “Border Poll” to decide if Northern Ireland should leave the UK -  to be ruled instead by Brussels.

Pro-Protocol activists, who clearly have not read the Protocol, should try to understand that the Protocol, if not binned, eliminates any possibility of a free, democratic, independent “United Ireland” in the foreseeable future.

Brexit was an act of democracy. That democratic decision needs to be implemented in full or else democracy, as we have understood it for generations, is dead.

Brexit was an act of democracy. That democratic decision needs to be implemented in full or else the majority of the electorate will lose faith in our system of elections and the occasional referendums on major issues.

Brexit was an act of democracy. That democratic decision needs to be implemented in full and then we can get back get to focussing on the Common Travel Area between Great Britain and Ireland - as well as having sensible mutually-beneficial agreements on the movement of goods across electronic borders.

Brexit was an act of democracy. That democratic decision needs to be implemented in full and then we can get back get to rationally and democratically examining relationships between UK and ROI - between UK and EU, between NI and ROI - between these islands and the people in the rest of the world.

Brexit was, and still can be, an opportunity to lead the way in standing defiantly against the tyrannical assault on global democracy: to lead the way in defence of basic human rights and freedoms.

Sunday, 18 April 2021

Conspiracy Theories.


By Willie Drennan

Conspiracy theories come and go. There is usually some element of truth in them or else they would never get off the ground. Sometimes though, people's imaginations run amok with fictitious notions and elements of truth get discredited and discarded.

What we have now, right across the globe, is two opposing conspiracy theories happening at the same time. This is dangerous. There is Conspiracy Theory A and Conspiracy Theory B.

Conspiracy Theory A

This is the belief that a small number of wealthy elite control the world: the global economy, technology, information, education, healthcare and global finances - and that these elites are making use of, or have created, a global virus to justify global lockdowns. The global lockdowns further assert their authority, control and increase their wealth. Digital identification and travel passports will solidify their absolute control over civilisation. Those who comply or offer their skills to further this agenda are rewarded. Dissenting voices are censored, penalised in the workplace and have their liberties restricted.

Conspiracy Theory B

This is the belief that God or the Mother of Nature, or both, have inflicted a plague upon civilisation and that the only way to address this plague (worst ever global virus/flu)  is to tackle it head-on. By using modern technology, science, medical intervention and by shutting down global economy they can save lives. Wealthy global corporations and governments, bolstered by such renowned benevolent institutions as the Bill Gates Foundation and the Tony Blair Institute,  have joined together in the battle to save civilisation.

Friday, 26 March 2021

Global Lockdowns: The World Divided.

By Willie Drennan

Global Lockdowns are dividing communities and families across the globe. There has been no division on such scale since the end of World War Two. Divisions already existed between those who believe in globalisation and those who don't, but since March 2020 the division has moved to a whole other level.

The division now is particularly between those who believe in all aspects of global lockdown and those who do not believe and question, or challenge, the validty of the globalist view.

We are having to chose between belief that global powers are doing their genuine best to tackle the worst global virus in human history  - and belief that severe global lockdowns and mass-vaccination programmes are part of an agenda by global elites to assert their control over humanity.

One of these belief systems is wrong and the other one is right. It is difficult to envisage what a middle-ground position would be.

There are two diametrically opposed opinions and the big problem is that only one of those opinions are promoted to the masses via global mainstream media. The other opinion, held by thousands of practitioners and experts within the fields of healthcare and science, is clinically silenced. Rational debate is silenced.

Regardless of which side we take, surely we should all be concerned about systemic censoring of alternative opinion and freedom of speech?

The following is an overview of the alternative opinion.

Global Lockdowns: March 2020 to present.

Global lockdowns have been draconian and it is astounding that they have now lasted for one full year, with no certainty of coming to a complete end any time soon.

- The governments' promotion of mask wearing, staying at home and social distancing has been continuously broadcast via global mainstream media and every possible communication medium. The whole world knows the message.

 - On the shutting down of the global economy the reasoning and justification has also been broadcast aloud on a relentless daily basis.

- The closing down of small independent business while monstrous global corporations thrive is hotly contested - as is the closing down of the hospitality sector, tourism industry, public concerts, sport and recreation.

- The clampdown of public rallies and street protests against the lockdowns has been extreme across the globe. In previously free and democratic nations, where public protest and questioning of authority has been paramount to the fundamental principles of national constitutions, authoritarianism has become the norm.

- There has been no such assault on human rights and liberties on such scale, in Europe at least, since the Berlin Wall came down.

- The closing down of smaller public gatherings such as in pubs, coffee shops and churches and other social groups, community groups, fraternities, family gatherings who regularly meet - severely curtails public discourse. Throughout history and especially before television and modern communication, the seeds of revolution against tyranny, and seeds of pivotal social change, have been sown in these social settings. In spite of the modern tech this aspect of social discourse and verbal sharing of ideas, concerns and fears has remained prevalent and crucial – up until March 2020.

- The global information network appears to be under the near absolute control of the global corporatists who fund the media. Journalists have been accused of no longer being real journalists but globalist propagandists.

Vaccination  Ask The Experts     

Mass-vaccination has been challenged by many medical and science professionals across the globe, on the following grounds:

- Vaccines are not necessary to stop the spread of Covid.

- Vaccines do not actually help to prevent contacting Covid.

- The vaccines have not gone through the globally-accepted testing process, which includes protocols on testing of animals. 

- The Covid vaccines are dangerous as they create an “Improper Immune Response” which can lead to "a cytokine storm" (See views and work of  Dr Dolores Cahill).  In basic terms, I understand this to mean that these vaccines get our natural immune systems all fired up to potentially dangerous levels.

- These new mRNA vaccines of Pfizer and Moderna are experimental and are essentially a form of gene therapy that may interfere with our DNA. While the Oxford/Astrazenica vaccine is not an mRNA vaccine, it does incorporate DNA techniques.

- It is also claimed that some of the vaccines have ingredients that weaken our natural immune systems.

- That this is likely to result in more deaths from the vaccine than from the virus itself.

- See work and views of Geert Vanden Bossche.  "Mass infection prevention and mass vaccination with leaky Covid-19 vaccines in the midst of the pandemic can only breed highly infectious variants."

- There are also numerous disturbing allegations of dangerous ingredients within the vaccines and claims of links to sinister agendas - all of which are of course enthusistically ridiculed on Google.  I'm not sharing any such relevant links for now until I further research the claims and counter-claims.

Alternative medications.

Trials have been successfully carried out to demonstrate that the existing approved drugs,  Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, have been successful in treating Coronavirus symptoms.

- The alternative medical experts also believe that Vitamin D, Vitamin C and zinc can be very effective in boosting natural immunity as well as alleviating Covid symptoms for those who do not have underlying health issues.

- The claim is that these cheap “safe medications” are not being made available as they would make redundant the need for expensive vaccines.


- It is believed the numbers of people who have contacted the virus have been exaggerated due to              large-scale false positives from persistent PCR testing.

- It is believed that the global Covid-19 death toll has been greatly exaggerated by false reasons for death on death certificates.

- Autopsies, in most cases, have not been carried out to confirm cause of death as Covid.

- Travel passports/Health passports are considered unnecessary and a serious infringement on civil liberties and human rights. This brings us in to the territory of "conspiracy theories".

It is important to note that all of the above is totally dismissed by global pharmacists, doctors and media as insane rantings from conspiracy theorists.

Conspiracy theories: 

- There is usually some basic element of truth in conspiracy theories or else no one would would ever pay attention to them at all. It is often the case however that the theorists add 2 and 2 together and get 5 or 6 instead of 4, and so many people dismiss any element of truth that may exist.

- In this case however some of the theories are backed up by open public confirmation by those identified by the theorists.

- The World Economic Forum's annual conference was held in Davos in January 2021. It seems quite clear that the globalist leaders in attendance have much to gain by getting the majority of people across the globe to comply and become dependent on globalisation. They promote a new world order, via a Fourth Industrial Revolution (connected to 5G technology) where Artificial Intelligence (AI) will replace humans who carry out basic tasks in the workplace. The terminology used around such gatherings include Reset Button for Global Economy, Agenda 21, Agenda 30, Smart Grids, Build Back Better and New Normal.

- It becomes not too difficult to understand how “conspiracy theorists” in this case, have added 2 and 2 together and arrived at the 4th Industrial Revolution, and a conclusion that global pandemics and global lockdowns have been engineered to facilitate number4.  

- It is difficult for many people to understand what motivates the alternative scientific practitioners - the so-called conspiracy theorists. It is worth pointing out however that the medical and science professionals who challenge the global lockdown strategy stand to lose their careers and professional credibility. Many have already been suspended from their positions and many more cancelled by social media and platforms such as YouTube. 

Further reading and video links:

 The New Normal: documentary film: The New Normal. Very professionally produced. Disturbing.

 Great Barrington Declaration Signed by over 55,000 epidemiologists, public health scientists and medical practitioners who have grave concerns that Covid-19 policies are damaging physical and mental health. October 2020.

Related videos: BrandNew Tube 

Anna Brees  Former ITV and BBC TV presenter posts regular interviews with medical and science experts on YouTube.  Also see the prolific Twitter account @BreesAnna. 

Concluding considerations.

It seems evident to me that there are millions of people across the globe who have genuine concerns and fears about lockdowns, vaccines and globalist agenda. The millions include tens of thousands of practitioners in the relevant fields of medicine and science who have voiced their concerns - and probably hundreds of thousands who are fearful to speak out publicly.

Has the global lockdown and global economy reset been put in place to deal with the global pandemic or has the global pandemic been set up to facilitate the global lockdown and global economy reset?

The alternative science seems like something that should be considered in rational public debate. Surely if the alternative science is so insane it can easily be exposed, ridiculed, rejected and permanently flung in the bin - so that we can all just move on?

Surely the fact that the counter science is clinically silenced and censored on such a rigorous global scale should cause others to research and consider, with open minds, the concerns and fears of millions of their fellow human beings? 

Surely everyone in positions of influence has a responsibilty to genuinely research and consider all expert opinion: all possible explanations and justifications for this most dangerous and pivotal moment in the history of humanity?

The purpose of my blog is to call for the alternative science to be allowed a voice while still holding on to shreds of hope that the global lockdown strategies do have the best interests of humanity at heart.

It is as much about challenging the global censoring and silencing of rational debate: about defending fundamental rights and freedoms of humanity, as it is about seeking truth and detailed evidence.

Surely if those who challenge the status quo are all crazy nutcases, it would be best to engage them in a global mainstream media debate: to expose and decisively relegate them to the zone of a dangerous fringe?

I'm trying to keep an open mind, but I must say; if mandatory vaccination and health passports for travel, entrance to theatres, pubs, restaurants, churches and sporting events, becomes a thing: the conspiracy theorists can sign me up as one of their own. After all they have been predicting perpetual lockdowns and travel/health passports for a year now.

Thursday, 25 February 2021

NI Protocol: Alternatives?

By Willie Drennan

I have been railing against the NI Protocol from the moment this devious assault on fundamental principles and rights was announced.

Pro-EU and pro-Protocol people often chide, scoff and smugly ask “what are the alternatives?”  Fair enough.

Basically, I have long held optimism that Brexit, after initial dangerous times, could lead to Glorious Opportunity  for the ancient divisions in Ireland to be permanently sealed away behind some glass case in a museum. More on that coming up.

First of all, on the short term, there are simple alternatives to the ludicrous Sea Border aspect of the Protocol. There is really no need at all for a hard border – anywhere within the British Isles. The movement of goods between EU and any part of the UK can be registered, monitored, traced and checked at any point of transaction: at source and destination or at at any point of transport in between.

 Occasional physical checks on vehicles transporting goods in either direction can take place at any time and anywhere. Such checks do not need to take place at a border post to disrupt flow of travel. All this can be assisted by mutual cross-border enforcement and sharing of cross-border intelligence.

The short-term alternatives and mutually beneficial solutions could really be that simple if there was a genuine will for them to happen.

The longer-term and even more crucial problem with the Protocol is more complex to remedy. The Protocol rides roughshod over the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement of 1998, The Act of Union of 1801 and the ignored  Common Travel Area.

Politically, a petition to invoke Article 16 of the Protocol has been received by the UK government and will hopefully be debated at Westminster. Article 16 allows a unilateral challenge to any aspect of the protocol that appears to cause economic or societal harm. This in itself will not solve the problems of the protocol as any discrepancies are first of all debated by the EU's Joint Committee, then by the EU's Arbitration Panel, and all over-seen by the EU's European Court of Justice. The EU have good reason to confidently believe they have the legalities all sussed.

It is still important for Article 16 to be triggered and debated so that the public can have some understanding of what has taken place and what is going on.

A legal action against the protocol has also been initiated and has the wide support of Unionists in Northern Ireland as well as prominent people in Great Britain. This is on the basis that the NI Protocol breaches the Act of Union, implemented in 1801, and the Agreement of 1998.

Once again the EU, the Tony Blair Institute, pro-EU political elites in UK and Irish Nationalists all believe they have all the legal loopholes covered: as part of their Weaponisation of the Irish Border Strategy.  They probably have good reason for their smug confidence because they know that the Belfast/ Good Friday Agreement was necessarily vague: with essential “constructive ambiguity” and unconstructive ambiguity.  

This essentially means it can be interpreted in any way by any justice system that might want to interpret it to suit their needs. The Protocol gives license to the EU and its ECJ to use, abuse and interpret to suit its agenda.

The UK courts may rule that the NI Protocol breaches both the Act of 1800/01 and the 1998 Agreement.

In which case alternatives need to be sought regardless of what the EU think.

On the other hand the UK courts may decide that the protocol breaches the purpose and spirit of the previous legislation, or something similar in their jargon, but does not legally breach anything.

In which case alternatives still need to be sought regardless of what the EU think.

I say this as it will still be the case that the vast majority of unionists will remain convinced that the constitutional promises made to them have been blatantly breached. Regardless of what any court decides the legal position to be, the Belfast Agreement and NI Protocol will be unsustainable and unworkable anyway.

So, regardless of judicial or political de:isions, the pro-EU and pro- protocol contingent are quite right to ask what the alternatives are to the EU's elaborately-contrived grand scheme.

On the short term what is required is cool heads all around. On the longer term everyone on the island of Ireland, and indeed everyone in the British Isles as a whole, need to consider and debate a way forward that could be mutually beneficial and economically stabilising. We should all be thinking about alternatives to the Protocol that would offer peace and stability for future generations.

In recent times relationships within Northern Ireland and relationships between the Republic of Ireland and the UK have been positive and mutually respectful - perhaps more so than at any time in history. Well, that was up until recently when the EU managed to pull the ancient trick of divide and conquer. EU supporters will of course blame it all on Brexit and pro-Brexit politicians, but that is now a redundant debate because we are where we are.

This is what is happening on the island of Ireland right now. Along with elite politicians and their devotees in Ireland and UK, the EU has stolen the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement from all of the people

The Irish political elite are no longer either Free Staters or Irish Republicans. They seem to have lost respect for their forbears who campaigned for, and fought and died for, liberty from a foreign power.

It will seem unrealistic to project for an independent Irish nation once again, in these times when a clear majority still seem to support the notion that “Ireland is the EU” -  to quote Leo Varadkar. But there is a movement for Irish freedom and it is surely bound to grow the more it becomes evident the EU couldn't care less about the Irish people. The movement for "Irexit" is surely bound to grow as it becomes more evident that the EU will use and abuse the people, in any of their states, whenever considered necessary to solidify and expand the EU's power base.

This should be at least considered as a potential alternative.

This would mean that, while the Republic of Ireland would have its independence again, the people in Northern Ireland would have the same connection to the rest of Ireland as the rest of the UK would have. 

The border would be back to being invisible while people in Northern Ireland would retain its present place and democratic freedoms within the United Kingdom.

An independent ROI would have free trade with its closest market and benefit from an independent UK's new trade deals across the globe.

An independent ROI would secure the Common Travel Area Agreement with the UK as it would no longer be susceptible to potential EU interference.

Should there develop a clear desire for a border poll, as allowed for in the 1998 Agreement, that could take place in a more suitable peaceful and stable environment. The people could decide if they wanted to change who they paid their taxes to, and which flags to fly, at that point. A Border Poll/ 2nd EU Referendum is currently highly improbable for obvious reasons.

It is even possible that an independent Ireland could have a different relationship with the EU than the UK currently has: as part of EFTA perhaps? It is even possible that an independent Ireland could have the best of both worlds if the majority in Ireland wanted that.

All this may seem just fanciful, unrealistic day-dreaming, but at least it as an attempt at positive alternatives. The situation that the EU is currently imposing offers more of the same old story of having unnecessary bitter divisions thrust upon us by external authoritarians: the same old story of the people being divided and conquered yet again.

Sunday, 7 February 2021

NI Protocol: Endgame of Border Weaponisation


The N1 Protocol is the outworking of the EU's weaponisation of the Irish border and the weaponisation of the Belfast Agreement.

The weaponisation was a classic, straightforward divide and conquer strategy: the type that's been around since time immemorial. The island of Ireland was a sitting duck with its built-in ancient divisions. The ancient divisions have been in healing mode for some time: but not long enough that they couldn't be stirred up again.

The Belfast Agreement/Good Friday Agreement has two names for good reason. The language of the Agreement was necessarily complex, vague and duplicitous as it had to mean one thing to nationalists and another thing to unionists. Just about everybody in Northern Ireland came to understand this, to tolerate and accept this, as the compromise that was essential to lay the foundations stones for return to a normal peaceful society - after 28 years of futile conflict that left families and communities devastated and traumatised..

It has worked fine until the EU got its grubby hands on it - to pursue its agenda of solidifying and expanding its power-base. I'm not a lawyer but I am convinced that this Protocol totally wrecks the spirit, principles and purpose of the Belfast Agreement/ Good Friday Agreement.

Why did the UK government sign up to this?

The Sea Border is but one symptom of this toxic Protocol that should be deemed criminal under international law. The madness of the Sea Border is currently being well highlighted on social media – to include the fact that British soil is now no longer permitted on British soil. I know. It really is almost unbelievably stupid.

Why did the UK government sign up to this?

The fundamental problem, among many problems, is that there is no escape mechanism for Northern Ireland. The supposed vote after four years is a total farce. It's an elaborate con. The Protocol breaks the cross-community Consent Principle of the GFA in hopes that a majority vote in Stormont will deliver a vote in the EU's favour. Failing that they have set it up that the EU's European Court of Justice gets two years to interpret the legally-vague GFA - however it sees fit. They get their way regardless. There is no escape mechanism for not just Northern Ireland, but for the whole of the UK.

Why did the UK government sign up to this?

There is no need for hard border anywhere for movement of goods. Especially not within the UK.

If EU wants to check goods coming in from UK they can do that at any point of transaction – at source, during transit and at point of delivery - via a basic laptop. Occasional physical checks can be carried out anywhere. No need for this to happen at a border between UK and ROI which is legally bound to remain open due to the Common Travel Area.

Lorries containing goods not registered will be breaking the law and jeopardising their company. Small quantities could be delivered into ROI by smugglers in the boots of their cars. They can also be traced and dealt with by law as well. Irish smugglers know this. They take the risk anyway. They can't help themselves. It has been in their blood for generations.

The relentless hard border fear-mongering is a blatant scam, a ruse. It is really all about the EU affirming its authority and control, backed by their globalist partners in mainstream media, USA and China; and their cohorts within the UK and Irish establishments.

Even in the scenario where the EU would insist on having tariffs on goods: that can all be collected and paid for online. This is the 21st Century. If EU/UK officials had wanted to, they could have set up a relatively hassle-free system for trade between UK and EU four years ago.

Northern Ireland is their trophy. It has been their glorious victory that gives them global bragging rights on how they they tricked the rebellious Brits. It is their master stroke that enabled them to bluff Brexit voters in UK into thinking that they had achieved a real Brexit – when the EU was really still in a position of influence and jurisdiction over many aspects of British law. It is what they needed to discourgae other EU states from jumping ship. It is the proof they needed to demonstrate that it is not a good idea to mess with the EU overlords. 

The EU devotees within the UK obviously told the EU not to be worrying about the daft plebs in Northern Ireland. Most of them, they probably thought, wouldn't notice or wouldn't care. The ones that did care would huff and puff a bit but they could be easily bought, bluffed or otherwise sorted. That last bit could be their downfall in their devious, otherwise immaculate strategy – the weak link in their grand scam.

There is currently a petition to trigger Article 16 of the Protocol. This allows for the Protocol to be challenged in Westminster. The petition reached its threshold of 100,000 votes within 36 hours of it being posted. This is important, if for no other reason than spotlighting the absurdity of this Protocol. Boris Johnson and Michael Gove will do their utmost not to trigger it as they signed up to it.

Why did the UK government sign up to this?

Hardcore EU devotees within UK and their global mainstream media are all promoting the notion that the Protocol is here to stay, that it can't be tampered with. The Tony Blair Institute confidently and smugly explains why the EU has all their i's dotted and their t's crossed.

They have good reason to be so smug of course, for now. They know that any contention to the Protocol gets dealt-with initially by the so-called Joint Committee that the EU set up. After that any unresolved contention would go to the Arbitration Panel that they have also set up. There will be some UK representation on these quangos. When we find out who the UK representatives are we can expect solid pro-EU quangos. Anything else would be a shock. Even then after all that it, would go to the EU's very own European Court of Justice to pass judgement. It could take years.

Why did the UK government sign up to this?

The Act of Union of 1801 can be breached without most politicians even noticing - without mainstream media even noticing.

Why did the UK government sign up to this?

I have also been amazed that the Common Travel Area gets overlooked by virtually everyone except the EU. They get the significance of it alright. That's why, in the Protocol, they now represent their member state in the CTA.

The CTA that has allowed millions of Irish people to move, settle down, work and vote within the UK. Due to the CTA there are now more people living in GB who can have an Irish/EU passport than there are Irish people currently living in the Republic of Ireland. And it works vice versa of course. It has worked very well for all concerned since 1923.. Now that it has essentially become an agreement between the UK and the EU, everyone in the geographical region of the British Isles should be concerned.

A minority among Leave voters in GB may think it matters little if little Northern Ireland is annexed by the EU. They need to understand that the Common Travel Area between the UK and the EU will still be in place no matter what transpires. It doesn't require a very imaginative brain to envisage potential problems when, under the Protocol, no unilateral changes can be made to the CTA. The EU owns ROI. The ROI currently is the EU. Leo Varadkar boasted that “we are the EU”. There's nothing to stop the EU creating new laws that may impact upon the CTA. In that scenario there is nothing, under international law, that the UK, or Ireland, could do about it. Time for people in GB and on the island of Ireland to start thinking about this, for the sake of the next generations.

Annexation of part of the UK into the EU without the consent of the people in that part of the UK is underway. They are currently trying to achieve, via sleazy disingenuous covert methods, what the IRA spent 28 years trying to do and what the Nazi's spent 6 years trying to do – break up the UK through bombs and bullets. The new 21st Century approach to war is through stealth and deception; the rewarding of the devoutly obedient and the cancellation of the dissenting voice. It is not very lucrative for the global arms industry, but less messy.

Why did the UK government sign up to this?

The facts are that the people of the UK voted to Leave the EU. We haven't actually left yet at all. EU laws, regulations and even EU VAT still apply within UK's internal market, within UK internal affairs. Not to mention UK sea territory. Capitulation on fishing territory and fishing rights is worthy of another asking of the question, Why did the UK government sign up to this?

The fact is also that the majority of people in Northern Ireland have no desire to leave the UK. Unionists are angry. Very angry and getting even more angry by the day.

Nobody in Northern Ireland voted to leave the UK. We did not vote for the Protocol.

This is being forced upon us against our will. It really no longer matters that the EU believes they have this all cleverly tied-up under international law. If their chicanery means that they, and the UK government, have broken other internationally recognised treaties – the Act of Union of 1801, the CTA and GFA – then surely international law would not uphold such a colossal miscarriage of justice: such a blatant onslaught on civil liberty, democratic right and human right? I hope not, as that would set an international precedent for global chaos.

Bin It, Boris. Do the noble and honourable thing for your country.

There is no need for this to be an Orange and Green issue. There is no need for either Orange or Green on the island to succumb to the EU trap. In these times, this issue is now about the EU, as part of global central authority, versus the people. If foreign powers can get away with using and abusing people on the island of Ireland, and on the island of Britain, in this day and age – it sets a dangerous precedent for the next generations to come.

This is a battle for liberty and democracy versus new-age serfdom.

I feel another blog coming on.

Friday, 5 February 2021

Lockdowns - The Script.

By Willie Drennan

Below is the draft script of a recent broadcast from the newly formed Braid Brodcasting Cooperation (BBC).  The script is not exactly as spoken on the broadcast - it never is with me - but it's near enough.

Welcome to Broadcast Three in a series of unique broadcasts, blogs and videos of the Braid Brodcasting Cooperation – in cooperation and collaboration with other freelance, free-thinking independent musicians, creative writers, song writers, poets, playwrights, visual artists etc - not to mention other rare colourful characters and outside-the box thinkers.

The main purpose, the main goal, is to produce and preserve a rich tapestry of content to cherish cultural heritage, the Arts and creative alternative thought,   all served up with copious amounts of live music and recorded music.

That's the plan and that will be the nature of this beast. The first two broadcasts attempted to establish this format,  this approach and style. It has just been myself, on my own, so far due to the Lockdown restrictions but very soon I plan to be sharing the brodcasts with other musicians and other invited guests. And I'm learning the technology as I go along. So Bare with me. But first of all I need to get a couple of things of my chest - starting with the local and global Lockdowns.