Saturday, 11 January 2014

Candace Cambdem in Issue 12

I don't like excuses, reasonable facsimilies
I don't like pretending, I want it real.
That's what Candace Cambden says in her song, 'I Want it Real'. And that's all you get on her E.P.  real music, real signing, no pretence, no imitation - just the real thing. This is poetry delivered with conviction and all three tracks are delightful. The title track is called Judgement Day and delivers imagery, emotion to which we can all relate:  "… we all choose our way come Judgement Day". The first track is called 'Drunk in Aghagallon'. 

It's not really about getting drunk in Aghagallon which is out in the countryside far beyond Lisburn somewhere. It could be about getting drunk anywhere and then it's not really about getting drunk at all: it's about the struggles of life.
Candace is a songwriter/guitarist, originally from Canada but now resides in Lisburn. The superb  musical accompaniment and back-up vocals  is from her partner, Ian McPherson. Candace and Ian are actually a great stage duo: I have had the pleasure of watching them perform on stage on two occasions lately, Braid Real Music Club and the Derrylane YardFest. Their mixture of original material and 70's classics is the ultimate combination for audiences.
I can highly recommend this E.P. It's folky, country bluesy. Available via www, Email:

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