Friday, 30 May 2014


The Ulster Folk will be a major sponsor and organizer for the new Fest at Raceview Mill. Showcasing the excellence of local food, crafted drinks, arts and music.

This festival will launch the Raceview Mill Project: the exciting new hub for The Arts, Enterprise and Tourism in Northern Ireland.

A very significant development for Northern Ireland which will be highlighted in Issues 14 and 15 of The Ulster Folk: making it essential reading visitors as well as locals.


Contact details:


The Ulster Folk

Raceview Mill

29 Raceview Road


BT 42 4JJ

Tel: 028 25 862 106

The Ulster Folk:
Promotes local grassroots arts and culture.
Supports local sustainable small enterprise.
Provides a platform for alternative political thought.
Engages a diverse range of very talented writers.
Has developed a large fan base and a regular readership.



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