Saturday, 27 February 2016


Willie Drennan

For the upcoming EU Referendum sovereignty will be a major issue for many voters. The problem is, as is common in the modern world of politics, terms like sovereignty can mean different things to different people. For our Prime Minister, David Cameron it means, “being able to get things done”. I’m pretty sure that was what he said in the House of Commons recently.   His old friend Boris Johnson: party colleague, and Mayor of London, however asked if the Prime Minister’s deal with the EU would benefit our sovereignty.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

The EU Referendum: Economy

 Willie Drennan

The EU Referendum on June 23rd is going to be the most significant political event of my lifetime.   From the start of the campaign a lot of people have already decided if they are on the Vote Leave or Vote Remain side. For the duration they will passionately support their side, in the same way as they will their team in the Euro 16 football finals.  For many, as in the game of football, logic will not enter into the game as the partisan faithful will loyally cheer on their side until the final whistle blows on June 23rd.