Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Lambeg Drums at Croke Park

By Willie Drennan.

I had never been to a GAA match before and  the very first time I did I got to play on the pitch at Croke ParkIreland’s spiritual home for all things sporting, cultural, historical and even political.

As a professional performing artist I perform in all kinds of situations and only on rare occasions would I consider turning down a gig due to problems I might have with the ethos of an event. But, when I was contacted recently to perform my Lambeg drum in Dublin for a commemoration of 1916: in Croke Park after a GAA match, I did hesitate.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Brexit and Northern Ireland

 Willie Drennan


Earlier this year I posted a couple of blogs questioning the wisdom of the UK remaining in the EU.  As someone who might be labelled a Eurosceptic I sought input from others on my thoughts on issues of economy and sovereignty.  My research since has confirmed my beliefs that there are serious problems with the EU and I am now more convinced that Brexit is essential. Thankfully many others in the UK seem to arriving at the same conclusion although this doesn’t seem to be the case as yet in Northern Ireland.