Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Northern Ireland 2016: Tremendous Victories and Pivotal Moments.

I was only able to attend one of the games at Euro 2016: the one in Paris against Germany on June 21st. I arrived in Paris the evening before and left Paris late morning on the day following the match. This allowed me ample opportunity to witness first hand how the image and reputation of Northern Ireland had been transformed. Within a two week period we had gone from being perceived a nation of crazy, narrow-minded intolerant bigots to being perceived as the most spirited and jovial people in the world.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Why I will Vote Leave

Willie Drennan

I have been a Eurosceptic since birth: actually it probably all began in the womb with an inherent inner consciousness on a quest for freedom. This spiritual quest for freedom translates in my logical mind to a desire for true democracy, where government is transparent and can be held accountable. I like the direction the United Kingdom has been taking with various forms of devolved government for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This allows for accountability at regional and local levels.

 The European Union has been heading in the opposite direction for a long time with its unelected commissioners, deals with corporate lobbyists and the European Court of Justice that seems to be a complete law unto its self. It is heading towards the formation of a superstate that is already being referred to as the United States of Europe. Nobody has been able to convince me that the UK has not been rapidly losing its sovereignty, and will soon lose any semblance of being an independent nation if it votes to Remain.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Ignore Prophets of Doom on Northern Ireland.

No, Northern Ireland will not collapse, and neither will the United Kingdom following Brexit.

Richard Haass, John Major, Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson are deliberately spreading fear to protect their vested interests in maintaining  power and dominance for the elite. Politicians have a right to their opinion but the above are abusing their power and are treating the people of Northern Ireland as simpletons. I despair for those who give credence to their blatant patronising.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Where to buy CD's

  Outlets for Northern Ireland: Everywhere We go CD.
Available at any Willie Drennan public concerts. www.williedrennan.org.  http://www.williedrennan.org/#!blank/cnve

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Brexit and the Border Myth

                                                           The stuff of history.

There are lots of myths and scare tactics being used in the EU Referendum debate to entice undecided voters one way or the other. One myth: the claims of a new hard border to separate the British Northern Ireland from the EU’s Republic of Ireland are still being posted on a daily basis.  I find this quite astounding but unfortunately the promoters of Brexit rarely seem to challenge this adequately.

Here is a link to one extensive report from Richard North that references the various relevant EU systems, procedures and legislation that already exist within the EU.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Northern Ireland: Everywhere We Go. Willie Drennan Ulster Folk Band. CD Release

CD Release Celebrations.         Saturday June 4th.

Molly's Ale House, Randalstown .. 2pm till 3pm

Talk of the Town, Antrim ..  4pm till 5pm

'Au Revoir' celebrations in advance of team and fans heading off to France.

Special Guest: The famous Jackie Fullerton.

Slovakia versus Northern Ireland Friendly. Live on Screen  from  5pm.