Thursday, 16 June 2016

Ignore Prophets of Doom on Northern Ireland.

No, Northern Ireland will not collapse, and neither will the United Kingdom following Brexit.

Richard Haass, John Major, Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson are deliberately spreading fear to protect their vested interests in maintaining  power and dominance for the elite. Politicians have a right to their opinion but the above are abusing their power and are treating the people of Northern Ireland as simpletons. I despair for those who give credence to their blatant patronising.

There is absolutely no need for a post-Brexit hard border in Ireland. We are all part of a Common Travel Area (CTA) which means we can all live and work in both the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. It is ludicrous to suggest that Brexit would change that. The Republic of Ireland is not a member of the EU Schengen free movement area and the border between Schengen and our CTA will remain at the ports and airports of Ireland and UK.  Yes, EU nationals will still be able to live and work in RoI and might not be able to live and work in the UK unless they obtain a visa to do so. Yes, they will be able to cross freely into Northern Ireland and rest of UK, but as tourists and visitors. They will be made most welcome.
The other myth being spread by the elitists listed above is that there will have to be permanent customs posts with huge delays to travellers. No, there will be no need for customs posts as transporting of goods are already registered and monitored through electronic and computerised systems.  This is the 21st Century. There are serious repercussions already in place for companies and hauliers who break the law. What disturbs me is that all the big names listed above are obviously aware of this and yet ignore it to justify blatant fearmongering.
 Should it be the case that we would ever need permanent border checks it will be as a result of the EU being in a state of complete chaos.  That is a possibility but I suspect by that point RoI will have already been making plans to get out of the EU.
Much worse: the above big names are peddling in tedious monotone, exactly as scripted in their common hymn sheet, that the United Kingdom may well break up and sectarian conflict or even civil war will likely break out. They link this to Scotland. This is all pure fantasy. The people of Scotland have recently made it clear in a referendum that they want to remain part of the UK and if anything a Brexit would solidify this. Pragmatic Scots would be faced with the option of staying with a progressive sovereign UK or selling their souls in subservience to Eurocrats.
 Even more relevant however is the fact that the vast majority of the people on the island of Ireland have long gotten over the notion of fighting each other over religion or politics. Sorry elitists, you won’t get us to go there again. Okay, in line with our ancient past we will probably find something else to fall out about: but it won’t be related to a border following Brexit.
 Contrasting predictions of how our economy, jobs, trade and security will change in the future may have legitimacy but there is absolutely no justification for spreading fear that has little foundation in reality.  They are trying to instil this fear for their selfish purposes of maintaining political dominance.

I really do hope that the majority of people in Northern Ireland can see beyond it before June 23rd.  If we don't: Richard Haass will be ecstatic in anticipation of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership while Sir John Major, The Right Honourable Tony Blair and Lord Mandelson laugh the whole way back to the big banks.

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