Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Is Democracy Endangered? Why I voted Leave.

Is the centre of British democracy endangered? 

By Willie Drennan

Every day, it seems, EU devotees spread their mantra that Leave voters are all thick, under-educated, narrow-minded simpletons who were tricked into voting Leave by manipulative exterior forces.

On the contrary, I reckon the majority of us voted the way we did because we are capable of independent thought and judgement. We did not vote because of any political party, guru, writings on a bus, or campaign group. We voted the way we did in spite of a massive Establishment campaign to keep us all in subservience to an undemocratic System.

Prior to the EU Referendum in June I posted a blog 
explaining why I planned to vote leave. It was perhaps a bit too heavy on detail so here is a summary of my reasons.

By sovereignty I meant the freedom of an independent nation to have full control over its laws and its borders: the ability of an elected government of a nation to deliver democracy as commonly understood and accepted. It is also about the ability of a nation's people to have fair, transparent governance and the ability to hold their politicians to account: in other words to be able to vote them out of office.
All my other reasons for voting Leave were interconnected to the issue of sovereignty.

Economy and Trade.
Global economy and trade are complex issues which are influenced and regularly altered by multiple factors. What I believed back in 2016 was that an independent UK should be able to improve its economy and create new trade deals with nations across the globe. There was also the issue of the UK's huge annual financial contribution to the EU that would no longer be necessary.

Fishing and Farming.
The fact that the EU controlled how these industries operated in the UK seemed outrageous to me. In particular, the fact that a majority of our fishing grounds and fishing stocks were controlled by the EU, thus decimating our fishing industry, would probably have been good enough reason on it's own for me voting Leave.

EU Influence Over UK Arts, Universities, Mainstream Media and Civil Service.
The extent of the level of co-dependency that these sectors have had with the EU regime became even more apparent during the referendum campaign. Along with the UK and global political elite, leaders of global banking/finance, global corporate charities and other mega global corporations: the scale of manipulation and coercion during the campaign was further confirmation that my vote to Leave would be the correct choice.

Immigration and Control of Borders.
This issue on its own was not a reason for me voting Leave as I reckon it needed sorting regardless. I did, however, think that it would be easier for an independent nation to develop a sustainable immigration strategy to best facilitate its internal needs. On the issue of a potential hard border being essential between Northern Ireland and the EU: I was convinced that this was totally unnecessary unless the EU insisted on it.

The United States of Europe.
Certain EU leaders had been quite open about plans for the EU to evolve into a centralised authoritarian super state: with its own army. I really didn't think it was a very good idea for the UK to support that in any way.

So now, over 28 months since the referendum in June 2016, we have been bombarded with threats, fake information and every trick imaginable to try annul this historic act of democracy. Those rapped up in the Establishment, in the System, have been relentless. It's been on a daily basis. Has this changed my mind? Absolutely not.

The only thing that has changed is the British government's apparent U-turn on their promise to honour the democratic result. It now really does seem most likely that key players within Westminster are doing everything they can to fudge and stall Brexit. I do hope I'm wrong. It should all have been relatively straight forward. We voted LEAVE. So, we should simply have left the EU long ago and be well-advanced by now in securing trade deals with the EU and the rest of the world.

It is hard to imagine how the Establishment could actually get away with a fudge that would see the UK still chained indefinitely, in any way, to EU rules and regulation. If they did succeed then true democracy would be defunct and no longer relevant. That would be a very scary scenario indeed.

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