Saturday, 8 December 2018

Glorious Opportunity: Brexit and Irexit

By Willie Drennan

Road To Freedom by Caroline

Northern Ireland is in the news again, for all the wrong reasons, again. This time it is due to the EU shamelessly taking advantage of the traditional sources of Irish division to try salvage its own failing political project. And what is even more alarming is that they are being facilitated and encouraged by their elitist compatriots who currently control the UK Establishment.

On the island of Ireland we are in the midst of centenary commemorations of one of the most horrific time periods in the history of Ireland, and indeed in the history of Britain and Europe. In general, commemorations north and south have been respectful and conciliatory to date: acknowledging the stance and courage of those who sacrificed their lives in pursuit of freedom while highlighting the futility of it all. Mind you, we really only need go back a quarter of a century to fully understand sheer futility.

While we are at it, it would also be worthwhile to re-examine what 1798  and 1689  were all about as well. Those conflicts were also about defending liberty. What seems to have been not fully comprehended by some is that patterns repeated throughout history can easily be re-choreographed by those in power to facilitate new agendas. The EU obviously fully comprehends.

Throughout history, people on the island of Ireland have battled each other over territory and the right to live in freedom within territory: in conflicts usually instigated by ruling classes; asserting their authority, conquering and dividing to solidify their power and dominance. In conflicts where people had little choice but stand and fight for their relevant freedoms. And still it goes on. No such devious scheme by the ruling classes has ever been more blatantly obvious than the current weaponisation of the Irish Border by the EU masters and their devotees.

Since the EU Referendum of June 2016 the EU has been relentless in its campaign to deny the democratic wish of the British people. Their overall strategy has been clever and sophisticated and yet they have also used every wee sneaky tactic in their extensive dirty book of tricks. They have had the global elites of politics, banking, big business and mainstream media at their beck and call: and an army of home-grown, university-trained foot soldiers to take their propaganda war to the front line.

They have artificially created problems around the new EU/UK land border that will cross the island of Ireland: aided and abetted by those currently in charge of UK and Irish establishments as they poke and prod the tribal emotions that have barely had time to calm down since the last bout of tribal madness. 

The UK/Irish Common Travel Area takes care of movement of people as the ports of entry to Ireland and Britain will continue to be the exterior border posts for the Common Travel Area. This is simplified by the fact that the Republic of Ireland is not part of the EU's Schengen Area.

As for movement of goods, technological systems already deal with this effectively for trade across the world. All very straightforward in this new global age.

The Irish Backstop, as outlined in the Irish Protocol part of the EU Withdrawal Agreement, amounts to a declaration of British surrender to the EU, enabling the slow and painful break-up of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It will not make it through the House of Commons and I don't think any knowledgeable person ever really thought it would:  for legal reasons if nothing else.

 A sea border separating Northern Ireland from the rest of the nation? Where are their heads at?

But that won't be the end of it all of course. Its all part of the overall strategy to frustrate and wear us down. The next phase will kick-in immediately and the phases will keep kicking-in until we actually Leave the EU for real. Regardless, March 29th, 2019 is the date when the UK government is bound to deliver the democratic wish of the people and completely leave the EU.

So, once that's all sorted ..... it will be time for all of us to move on and examine the potential glorious opportunities out there in the great wide world. In particular on the island of Ireland, as we continue centenary commemorations, it is time to grasp the glorious opportunity for a potential positive pivotal moment in the history of our wee island.

As centenaries of Irish Home Rule and Irish Civil War approach, enter Irexit on to the stage. A new political movement has been formed to achieve an Irish exit from the EU. Also check out @IrexitFreedom on Twitter.

Many reading this will automatically scorn and scoff at the idea of Irexit being possible. People who live in bubbles: in controlled comfort zones, usually do scorn innovative alternatives to their reality. But the Irish Republic is not part of the EU's Schengen Area, is part of the Common Travel Area with UK and can connect with a Euroscepticism that is rapidly increasing right across Europe.

The main thrust for Irexit however will be the notion of regaining sovereignty. Proponents of Irexit will argue that gaining independence from one foreign power [UK] only to throw it all away to another foreign power [EU] constitutes being highly disrespectful to those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for Irish sovereignty. 

 As for the constitutional link between Northern Ireland and the Republic, again, the genesis for a solution to that logistical difficulty can be found in the Common Travel Area.

This glorious opportunity can come to fruition if we can respect our differing constitutional aspirations and the fact that our respective forebears fought for essentially the same freedom.

We are all 
On The Road To Freedom Now.


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