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Liberal Politics and EU Devotees.

By Willie Drennan

John King's novel, 'The Liberal Politics of Adolf Hitler' is in classic dystopian style and imagines the evolution of the EU into the totalitarian United States of Europe. The striking thing about this book is that it was published in 2016: written before the referendum, and yet King's projections seem to be already manifesting rapidly.

Once you have read King's novel, or at least when you have read it for the second time and examined it in depth as I have done, you are continuously struck by how quickly his predictions are materialising. EU leaders now talk quite openly about federalisation, developing central authority and the formation of an EU army: the United States of Europe.

This novel should be read twice. It contains new language with new terminology: all of which has some significance for the whole story. Old place names have relevance as well, which at first is not obvious.

Since the referendum the EU has pulled out all the stops to frighten, intimidate and coerce the British people into changing their minds. They don't seem to even bother trying to tempt Leave voters back into the fold: they just go for the instilling fear tactics. And they have a whole army of devotees among the political elite, media, academia, banking and powerful multi-national conglomerates to fight on the front line for their cause .

What King projects is a secure controlled zone, a fortified enclave, where a majority of citizens have been totally conditioned and trained to be devoutly loyal to the establishment - to the supreme leaders of the central authority - where devotees wholeheartedly believe every word of their masters.

Back in 2019, with mainstream media already pretty much won-over and committed to the furtherance of the EU/USE cause, the new battle ground is on social media. Social media was once a fun platform for rational debate but it is rapidly descending into the front-line for vicious cyber conflict.

It is still possible to have reasonable debate with people of differing opinions and beliefs. It is still possible to conclude debates on Twitter with light-hearted banter, acknowledging the importance of civilised debate and agreeing to disagree. Still possible, but becoming increasingly challenging. Most Remain voters were civil and rational: most Remain voting friends of mine are still friends of mine. The hardcore devotees are in a minority but are often in positions of power or influence within the system. They are relentless in their attempts to maintain the status quo and stop what they see as the catastrophe of Brexit.

The truly devoted servants of the central authority, as depicted in King's novel, are clearly already among us in significant numbers. There are an increasing number of people that you just can't debate with. They are alarmingly similar in their thought processes and their use of language: archetypal products of the education system they have been trained in.

They are detectable in that they often use overly elaborate words, or at least try to, that are not common in day to day conversation. This undoubtedly gives them their sense of entitlement to smug intellectual superiority: their condescending arrogance and absolute belief that lesser non-university trained beings are unfit to vote and have a say in how their country is governed. This conditioning has created the delusion that allows them to demand a 2nd Referendum: a 'People's Vote' -  as the plebs didn't know what they were voting for first time around.

They seem to genuinely believe that they are supporters of, and defenders of, democracy. King terms it 'New Democracy': a new democracy where the common folk are denied the right to vote: for their own benefit, for their survival.

On social media it is unsettling to discover just how many fit King's stereotypical devotee of the establishment type: the types who jump in to Twitter debate with all academic guns blazing, firing out lofty vitriol in condescending contempt at any attempt to engage in rational debate. It is fascinating to watch the recurring process: their virtue-signalling laced with venom. They don't even attempt to win you over to their way of thinking.

They seem to really believe they can shut you up and get you to change your mind by bullying you into submission. They will insult  you and your character, your cultural identity: anything, but address the detail of the issue. If you can't think like they do, you are a confirmed ignoramus: an idiot.

It's all about defending the EU at all cost. They probably genuinely believe that their beloved leaders can do no wrong. I do feel sorry for them. I know that nothing I might say would even cause them to pause for a moment to consider that I might have a point: that a majority of people in the UK might have a point.

Recently a leading professor at Queen's University Belfast, a professor of Post Conflict Studies, posted on Twitter - Special place in hell for no deal Brexiteers? Hell is too good for them.” For this he quickly received over 400 likes and many retweets and accolades of approval from peers, media and other devotees of the system.

For the professor this was clearly an expression of solidarity with the supreme leadership, following on from the President of the European Council's now famous “Special place in hell” comment.

Expressions of solidarity were also in abundance for the professor as well. They chanted “academic freedom” in on-line unison . I'm all for academic freedom: free speech, freedom to express political opinion. It's probably fair to assume that those ranting about “academic freedom”do not fully understand that those of us who have alternative opinions: those of us who challenge the establishment, do not currently have the full luxury of those freedoms.

Of course we can say what we like in theory but we will be hounded and ridiculed when we dare to challenge or offer alternative opinion: and worse: surreptitiously obstructed in the workplace.

One fellow university academic said in direct response to the
much-honoured professor's hell comment, “ It's not like a person who studies peace is never allowed to tell people they're being stupid, denouncing objective stupidity is a professors job.”

It certainly wasn't always the case that a professor's job was to denounce objective stupidity and tell stupid people that hell is too good for them. Nowadays however academia seems in universal agreement that it should be.

The professor did have this to say in a response on Twitter to those who challenged his comments:

Hell is not real. It’s not a place. It is figurative not literal. Figurative speech for a wrong/bad place. A ‘no deal Brexit’ - which is the kind referred to - is thought by many people to be one such bad place.”

That's fair enough. Only problem is that when someone tells you to go to hell, they usually do so with enthusiastic venom. They earnestly want you to end up in the worst possible circumstance. So figurative language or not, it still is a bit strong to wish expulsion to a horrific place of endless pain and suffering to those who happen to disagree with your political opinion.

Then there was this endorsement of the professor from a fellow academic quoting from another dystopian novelist.
"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act" - George Orwell

He is probably genuinely believes that the professor is telling the truth and I have no doubt that the the professor himself believes he is telling the truth.

It is indeed significant that the writings of Orwell are being embraced by the devotees of the EU. King would refer to this as doublethink in his novel. Another instance of doublethink is perhaps Theresa May's Withdrawal Agreement with the Irish Backstop and all. This was sold as a good deal, a safe deal that would deliver Brexit as promised: when of course exactly the opposite was true.

The other curious thing about the 'hell' comments coming from the EU establishment's lofty apologists is that there is clearly an agreement among this elite that Brexit voters are not necessarily all stupid. The alternative explanation is that they are simply evil: evil Nazi's and Fascists. And so hell is either appropriate or else too good for them?

I have observed however that the terms Nazi and Fascist do not seem to be as popular as they were a few months ago. Has someone at the top put out the message that it is not cool any more? I'm sure it has been a least six months since anyone has suggested that I qualify as a Nazi.

Perhaps they have realised just how ridiculous it is to automatically connect someone who disagrees with you with supporting totalitarian regimes? Maybe they just do not want to use a terminology that can be easily connected to their own project? Maybe the EU Project (as it gradually morphs into the United States of Europe) is in reality too similar to the projects of Hitler or Stalin?

In King's ' Liberal Politics of Adolf Hitler' novel, Adolf only gets a very brief mention and you are left to figure out the meaning of the novel's title. The reader does learn though, that in a world where history has been re-written, the Nazi's were the good people: good people who had to strip the common folk of their civil rights and liberties for their own good. Good people who had no choice but to annul independent states across Europe, to deny the people of their right to democratic freedom: for their own good.. In the United States of Europe, where history has been re-written, the crimes of the Nazis have been totally deleted.

Likewise the good people in King's novel have no choice but to ban books: control cultural identity, language, music and artistic expression – control news and information to assist political conformity in a 'New Democracy' where voting to select political representatives is no longer necessary.

If you read King's novel you will either treat it as just sheer fantasy or else you will be awestruck at how his predictions are already manifesting. You will be struck by how quickly society is already descending into conflict between the believers in the supreme leadership of the system and the non-believers: descending into division between the defenders of the system and crusaders for liberty from the system. You will be struck by how he knew, before the referendum, that London would remain a bastion for absolute central authority while the rest of England rebels.

While the creation of a culture of dependency on the system is something that was well established before the EU Referendum it was the referendum result that confirmed just how far along absolute devotion to the system had progressed. The collective public weeping and wailing: the collective shock, the collective animosity towards the “moronic, narrow-minded, racist bigots in the cultural wastelands in the north of England” who voted Leave was alarming to observe.

Some of them actually said, “Those people should not be allowed to vote”. Yes, I actually did hear that being said by a real person two days after the vote.

Reading 'The Liberal Politics of Adolf Hitler' can be very disconcerting when you realise that we are already heading seriously down that road that leads to ultimate mass obedience and subservience: that our university system, the arts and mainstream media is already in the clutches of the central authority.

On the bright side there are parallels to George Orwell's 1984. He predicted in 1949 that central authority would have absolute control by 1984. Well, 1984 has come and gone and that absolute control by central authority is not quite in place just yet. I suspect this has very much to do with the fact that the popularity of Orwell's writing allowed people to be more vigilant and therefore delayed the process.

So hopefully King's novel will become very popular as well. Perhaps, like Orwell, the work of John King will enable more people to understand that if we do not leave the EU now then the only opportunity for future generations to do so, will be through violent insurgence.

Perhaps, even at this last-ditch moment, there is still hope that democracy will win the day? Perhaps there is still hope that the UK can regain its independence and function as a progressive, innovative global nation that has the support and encouragement of the vast majority of its citizens? Perhaps roads to freedom will still exist to lead us out beyond authoritarian central authority?

We need to hurry though. EU devotees are now claiming Orwell as one of their own. Time is of the essence. Get a copy of The Liberal Politics of Adolf Hitler as soon as you can and share it around.

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