Friday, 11 October 2019

2nd EU Referendum/Irish Border Poll

The Irish Border - during the Troubles.
By Willie Drennan.

Let's have a 2nd Referendum. Yes let's do it - at least 7 or 8 years after the UK has categorically left the EU. And Let's have an Irish Border Poll. Yes, let's do it: at least 7 or 8 years after the whole of the UK has categorically left the EU.

A 2nd EU Referendum before the result of the 2016 referendum has been fully implemented and given time to establish would be a travesty: a mockery of democracy.

An Irish Border Poll would be the exact same thing as a 2nd EU Referendum for the people of Northern Ireland. A Dublin-controlled independent United Ireland is no longer on the cards as the Republic of Ireland, like the UK, is currently under the jurisdiction of Brussels.

I do have empathy with my many friends who voted Remain: who genuinely fear for their careers and pensions when their employment is somehow connected to the EU System. This is particularly true in Northern Ireland where dependency on Public Sector employment is among the highest of any UK region: where fears of a 'hard border' were promoted in the EU's referendum campaign.

When I voted Leave it was in the confidence that a totally independent United Kingdom would be free to control and improve its own economy via trade agreements and other partnerships with the wider world. I still believe this but unfortunately not everybody does and they are understandably concerned.

To acknowledge their fears I have thought that it would have been wise of the UK government to have already agreed with the EU that at some point the UK would have opportunity to rejoin. I reckoned during Theresa May's term in office they were just too focused on ensuring a real Brexit would not happen to consider this possibility as a necessary part of the Withdrawal Agreement.

Under Boris Johnston it seems there is still seems to be no mention of this possibility. Perhaps Boris is too focused on his 'deal'? A deal with Varadkar, the EU's agent in Ireland, that will keep Northern Ireland tied up in the EU in some sort of 'special status'?

It is difficult to imagine that the people of England would ever vote to rejoin the EU. In a few years when the EU has secured its absolute central authority it is hard to imagine there would even be any real appetite for a 2nd referendum. Still, for those who believe there will be economic ruin post-Brexit it would surely be good to have such an option on the table prior to Brexit being implemented.

In the rest of the UK it is more complicated as there are nationalist elements who are enthusiastically trying to bring about the break-up of the United Kingdom. When the UK voted Leave and 56% of voters in Northern Ireland voted Remain, it became obvious that the Irish border would be further weaponised by the EU and Irish nationalists.

A majority in Northern Ireland have voted Remain and the Establishment, with their EU-devoted media, are currently in control over all things Northern Irish. I am still confident however that a majority of people would chose a buoyant Britain over a beleaguered Brussels in a future Border Poll.

 I believe the same would apply to Scotland: once the UK has had opportunity to establish itself as a vibrant independent nation that can successfully trade and collaborate across the globe.

Of course this all depends on a clean Brexit being delivered to implement the democratic will of the people and restore confidence in our economy. If that doesn't happen please ignore all I've just written.

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