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Wullie Drennan In Lockdown 2020. Official Press Release.


Wee Book/ Big CD Booklet with 24 track CD disc included.

It's always as much about the story as it is about the music. The wee book is full of story, lyrics and images.

Why Press Release?

Up to March 2020 I regularly sold CD's, books and DVD's at live concerts.

All live concerts have been banned for now.  So that old traditional outlet currently does not exist..

Independent freelance musicians no longer get radio airplay on mainstream media: not since the days of the legendary Gerry Anderson.  

                                                        The last supporter of independent music on BBC

So, the only way to let folk know of my new product is through word of mouth and online social media: for now.  

And through some newspapers perhaps??

Once upon a time, back in the good old days, newspapers would have had reviewers who would review new releases of albums and books, of even independent grassroots material. Gone are those days.

It is up to me myself, on my own, to somehow persuade folk that this is essential reading and maybe even essential listening. No mean feat.

If nothing else, surely the story of how a full-time freelance practitioner of the arts in Northern Ireland spent Lockdown 2020 adapting to a world turned upside down - is worthy of a media story?

Why would anyone want to buy this?

For several years now, a large portion of CD's sold at our gigs clearly were purchased by folk as a souvenir of the event or as a gift for others.

So, in my way of thinking this combination of a CD disc with a wee book/big CD booklet would be an ideal gift for those interested in traditional folk music, folklore, history and culture: with its 50 pages of story, insight and imagery.

I haven't noticed any other musicians trying this approach as yet. But it just might work okay if people have a way of finding out about it.

                                                                    List of tracks on CD.

Also included in the book  are lyrics for relevant new songs that were recorded post mastering and duplication of the CD. Such as: The Whole Wide World's Gone Mad.

When is the Official Wee book/Big CD Booklet Launch??

Good question.

Answer: somewhere in Belfast as soon as the authorities allow real live people to attend events with real live music and storytelling. Due to the fact that I made a dedication to Dr Ian Adamson, a "Launch" was being organised in December by the Reach Project,, in association with the Dalaradia Society,, as Ian was their patron. Cancelled of course. Watch this space: for updates on that.

                              Ian Adamson with his friend, Van - who also gets a wee mention in my wee book..

Where can this wee book/big CD booklet be purchased?

Best to purchase via

It is also available in the following independent shops: Belfast Books, York Road Belfast; Midtown Makers, Church Street Ballymena and Camerons, Broughshane Street Ballymena. That's when they are open. When they are allowed to open again, get there early to avoid the queues.

Currently looking for other independent shops who might sell such a combo of music and story. Anybody know of any such shops still in existence?

Further Reading.

Extract from Introduction.

“This is somewhere between a wee book and a big CD booklet. It is a fusion of fiction and non-fiction. In tune with the times, it offers a fine balance of reality and virtual reality.

The Big Lockdown, that commenced in March 2020, and which hasn't fully ended seven months later, has been a colossal shock to the world. For many it has been devastating: those who lost loved ones as a direct result of the new flu virus and the many more who suffered indirectly, in a multitude of various ways.

On the brighter side, the weather was wonderful throughout the spring of 2020 and there was a sense of peace and calm. Void of man-made industrial sounds this rare tranquillity allowed the sounds of nature to dominate the air. It was also a glorious opportunity for the likes of me, who's busy schedule of recent years had not allowed the time to complete and manifest creative ideas that had been swirling around my wee brain for a long time.

It allowed me to develop creative thoughts in writing: it allowed me to record new musical material and rearrange older material. It allowed me to study how best to utilise the internet in order to make my material accessible to an audience who no longer could attend live events.

I worked on several creative projects, but my main focus was on what has resulted in the Wullie Drennan in Lockdown 2020 album and Wee book/Big CD booklet”

Selection of comments so far.

William McC: “It’s amazing. Wonderful to read the thoughts behind all the music...
A great perspective on an Ulster Scots life in Northern Ireland. There’s so much worthwhile information and thoughts in there.
Its a total joy to read. With the CD included it’s a wonderful piece of work and and a great historical document.”

Alister McR: “ Willie's work here has a timeless quality and draws up from a well of Ulster history.:

Marie B. “This is amazing. I just loved every word of it”.

Anne McL. “A great Christmas present”.

Tam McW: “ Reuch n raa – the wye it wus aye meant tae be”

Other News.

My collaboration with rock guitarist David McClean produced an album of rock and folk fusion: 

Willie Drennan Band. Wired Up Again

                                            See Wired Up Again Page on 

There's nothing else quite like it out there. It was recorded before Lockdown and was due for release in May. Postponed of course, due to you know what. It is now available as well. Look out for the big official release of Wired Up Again. For updates check

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