Sunday, 18 April 2021

Conspiracy Theories.


By Willie Drennan

Conspiracy theories come and go. There is usually some element of truth in them or else they would never get off the ground. Sometimes though, people's imaginations run amok with fictitious notions and elements of truth get discredited and discarded.

What we have now, right across the globe, is two opposing conspiracy theories happening at the same time. This is dangerous. There is Conspiracy Theory A and Conspiracy Theory B.

Conspiracy Theory A

This is the belief that a small number of wealthy elite control the world: the global economy, technology, information, education, healthcare and global finances - and that these elites are making use of, or have created, a global virus to justify global lockdowns. The global lockdowns further assert their authority, control and increase their wealth. Digital identification and travel passports will solidify their absolute control over civilisation. Those who comply or offer their skills to further this agenda are rewarded. Dissenting voices are censored, penalised in the workplace and have their liberties restricted.

Conspiracy Theory B

This is the belief that God or the Mother of Nature, or both, have inflicted a plague upon civilisation and that the only way to address this plague (worst ever global virus/flu)  is to tackle it head-on. By using modern technology, science, medical intervention and by shutting down global economy they can save lives. Wealthy global corporations and governments, bolstered by such renowned benevolent institutions as the Bill Gates Foundation and the Tony Blair Institute,  have joined together in the battle to save civilisation.