Monday, 25 April 2022

Stormont Election 2022. Open Letter to Candidates.


Dear candidates.

I have a few questions for the candidates and their parties, in advance of the upcoming Stormont elections. This will help me decide who gets my number one vote and who doesn't get a tick at all on my voter card.

Simple YES or NO answers are all that's required.

I accept that I am just one single non-politically aligned individual but I will share the responses from candidates and parties on social media. So it won't be a total waste of your time.

For those who fail to respond, fair enough. I will just assume that you would have answered YES to all questions.

The questions:

1/ Do you support the agenda of the World Economic Forum and are you affiliated in any way?

2/ Klaus Schwab has boasted that the WEF's “Young Global Leaders have penetrated the cabinets of the world”. Are you happy for Stormont to be included in this global agenda?

3/ Do you support Belfast being set up as a World Economic Forum 'Smart City'?

4/ Would you support the WEF's plans for Universal Basic Income and the move towards a Chinese-style Social Credit Card System being set up in Northern Ireland?

5/ The World Heath Organisation is attempting to secure full legal authority over global governments in how to control their next global pandemic. Would you support this being adopted by Stormont?

6/ Do you support the establishing of Vaccine Passports/Green Passports/Medical Certification and the creation of a two tiered society in Northern Ireland where basic human rights to work and travel are effected?

7/ Do you support Stormont's system of mandatory coalition?

8/ Do you support the implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol and its overriding of the Belfast Agreement and the Act Of Union?

9/ Do you think the Stormont Assembly should function while many of our laws are being being dictated by the EU and globalist central authority - and while there is clearly a lack of transparent democratic structure and accountability?

10/ Do you think some of my questions are silly, ridiculous or irrelevant?

Please note: I have more questions but your answers, or non-answers, to these ten questions will give me insight into how you would answer the rest.

Yours Sincerely

William Drennan

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